Elevate Trampoline Park

Indoor trampoline Jump Center

Somersault and catapult across a slew of trampoline-lined arenas!

The safely padded trampolines stretch from wall to wall, granting guests enough room to jump in place among friends or attempt aerial stunts. The center has two Trampoline Dodgeball Courts that put a twist on the traditional game by adding a trampoline element allowing for some awesome dodge, duck, and dive moves.

We also have three Trampoline Slam-Dunk Courts to let players feel the thrill of a game-winning shot or slam dunk without the limitations of gravity or a strict pro basketball contract. For even more aerial thrills, the Bungee Trampoline lets guests soar more than 25 feet in the air from the safety of a bungee cord. Last and certainly not least is our 26-foot high rock-climbing wall that grants the fun of an outdoor climb amid indoor comforts.

Get ready, because when the sun goes down, its live DJ music and the BEST LED, BLACK LIGHTING, and SOUND SYSTEM around, that  turn the facility into an all-out party. “Come to Elevate Trampoline Park, It’s just better up here”.

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